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Inspired by a hundred year old bottle of French Amer, we set out to re-create a spirit offering aromatic Orange peel built on a heart of bitter Gentian root. 
Along the way we have created something even better (we think) with an abundance of citrus flavours and perfect mixability.

The classic serve: Pour a measure of Bloomsbury Amer over ice cold french lager, transforming the beer into a sweet bouquet of citrus with a pleasing long bitter finish of gentian root. 


Taking after the eponymous French aperitif, Bloomsbury Pastis is full of bold star anise and enticing aromas including the pairing of orange and cucumber peel, new world hops and natural sweet organic agave syrup at only 1% by volume.

Served straight over ice, this complex spirit turns a pearlescent white as the ice melts creating a deliciously contemporary aperitif.


Smooth, smokey fire-side warmth. A hint of sweetness along with a note of the sea air.
Distinctive flavours that we associate with the great whisky makers of Islay in Scotland are beautifully captured in this clean, ultra-premium spirit.

Enjoy this spirit straight over ice to experience it's unique depth of flavour or combine with a touch of Noilly Prat Vermouth to create a wonderfully deep, rich Bloomsbury 'Dirty Martini'.